Implant is the artificial dental root replaced to the jaw bone to regain the function and the esthetic of the lost tooth. They are made of titanium which are compatible to the tissues, very resistant and advanced technology. Implants look and feel extremely natural that you usually forget they are there.

To whom can it be done?
There is no age restriction for implant. It is appropriate for every age group. It may be better for young to complete the bone development. It is usually around 16-17 for girls and 18 for boys. There is no upper limit for grown-ups. If there are risk that comes as a result of age, it may not be applied.

Do I feel pain in the process?
Relax because implant is done under local anesthesia so you don’t feel any pain or discomfort. In general, what you will feel is equal to what you experience after a regular tooth pull out. There might be general anesthesia in some circumstances.

Is the implant safe?
Success rate is very high. Ideal patient for the implant treatment are the non-smokers and the ones with health gums, who pay attention to their mouth health.
Implant has 2 pieces and is made of titanium based material. These are root pieces (artificial) and the surface that form the core of the teeth. After the tooth that has lost its function is pulled out, a space is formed there. Than the root pieces that form the bases of the space are implemented. How long it takes to settle is different in each patient. It is usually between3-5 months. In this period, the patients stay without the teeth. If the synosterisis (bone bonding) is provided, then the upper implant can start.

Implant treatment is usually preferred to offer more esthetic and comfortable usage to the patients who have tooth loss or use dentures. Also, stable dentures are recommended for those who don’t have any tooth left.

The diameter of the implant depends on the bone and jaw structure and the wideness of the space that it will be implemented. The diameter, the length and the size is arranged according to the panoramic x-ray, stereoradiograph and examinations; it is implemented successfully.

Implants should be maintained well to last longer and the controls shouldn’t be delayed. Even thought implants are made of metal and they don’t carry risk of decay, all the known periodontal diseases can be seen around the implant teeth. The main reason of periodontal or bone diseases around the area are caused by cleaning poorly and bacterial growth.

Implant cleaning is as we clean our regular teeth with toothbrushes and the cleaner that can go in between the spaces. Self cleaning may not be enough. Patients should be in regular doctor control and follow their instructions.
Mouthwashes should be used as instructed. But using mouthwash only is not enough for dental care.

After all, implants don’t require much of a different care than our regular teeth. It is actually quite the same. Brushing the implants, keeping them clean and being under a regular doctor control are important to be able to use them for a long while.