Treatment with Sedation

State of sleep that the depth can be arranged, using sedative medicine protecting all reflexive movement of the patient. It is a method applied by anesthetist. Patient can performance all the instructions of the doctor. It is possible to have a conversation. Patients does it easily when the dentist asks her to open her mouth. Anesthetist monitors the patient checking her pulse and blood pressure during the process. Patients, especially children forget they have been to the dentist in this process where the patient can breathe easily, respond to physical and verbal instructions, and the conscience is pressured.

Is is safe?
Deliberative sedation is safe both for grownups and children. There are no side effects that we know of. It is applied intravenously (through veins) in adults. Dose is determined according to the weight.

What are the purposes?
It prevents fear and anxiety while it provides a safe and comfortable environment for the patients.
It strengthens pain threshold and prevents the feeling of pain.
Stress and fear of dentist is wiped and unwanted reflexes are prevented. This provides a safer working environment for the dentist.
Prevents trauma and its traces for children who have tendency to fear.
Supplies more tolerable local anesthesia space for cardiac or high blood pressure patients.